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5 Helpful Ways to Move a Pool Table into Your New Home

You’re finally moving into your new home, but there’s one problem: how will you bring your pool table to your new place?

Your pool table is the centerpiece of your new home. It is where all the fun takes place and all your friends gather. You cannot leave it in your old home because you’re moving to a new and bigger place.

Besides that, you know that your pool table is quite heavy and requires extra care. That’s why properly transferring a pool table is necessary to prevent damage and injury. With this in mind, here are five moving tips to carefully move your pool table from your previous home to the next.

Gather Some Assistance

The first thing to do is to ask for assistance. As you can imagine, moving a pool table is a task that requires serious strength. You can gather some friends, family members, or even professional movers to help you out.

While your loved ones can help you move the pool table for free, it is better if you hire movers who have the experience and the know-how of carrying a pool table. You don’t have to worry about damaging your pool table if you hire experts. You only need to worry about the bill!

Prepare Your Tools

The next thing you need to secure is your tools. Of course, it will be hard to move the pool table, but when you disassemble the parts, it will be much easier.

With this in mind, you need to have the right equipment to do that: screw divers, socket wrench, and power drills. Aside from that, you must have tape, bubble wrap, blankets, and cardboard to protect your pool table from possible breakage.

Disassemble Your Pool Table

The next step is to disassemble each part of your pool table. Be cautious of taking apart your table. You need to secure the instructions manual, or if you don’t have one, you can do a quick search online to get it.

You can begin removing the staples using the staple remover and the ball pockets. Next, take out all the screws using a screwdriver and free the bolts with a socket wrench. Put all of these parts in separate plastic bags and make sure to label them correctly.

Next, carefully remove the felt covers as it is prone to tearing.

Finally, remove the legs by placing the table on the side. Remove all the screws and put them in a plastic bag using a screwdriver.

Ensure the Safety of Its Parts

Now that the parts are disassembled, you can start protecting each one of them.

First, you need to cover each of the legs with bubble wrap. It will protect the legs from possible damage. Then you need to tape the bubble wrap to secure the wrap in place.

Next, you should use blankets to wrap the table. Use the blankets to cover the playing surface and the table’s rails. If you have extra blankets, you can place them around the table’s legs.

Lastly, you need to cover your pool table with cardboard and make sure to use multiple layers of cardboard. It will help you move your table without any of the cardboard ripping and any of your pool table’s parts being exposed.

Transfer and Assemble Your Pool Table

After properly wrapping all the parts of your pool table, you can now send it over.

First, you need to secure all parts of your pool table to the moving van. You can use ropes and straps to tie your table parts together. Doing so prevents them from moving as you ride on the highway.

If you have other people helping you move, you can ask them to assist with securing the pool table parts and even ride on the back of the moving van.

For those who opt to get professional movers, they will do the relocation for you. With a moving company, you can rest assured they will relocate the pool table parts to your new home.

As for assembling your pool table, that part is up to you. You can consult the instructional manual on assembling the pool table parts or hire professional movers to do it. They can even set up your pool table in your entertainment area, so you will only have to wait for it to be assembled and ready to be played.


If you are moving to a new home and bringing along your pool table, remember these useful tips on moving a pool table into your new place. You can ask for help from your family members and friends or hire a professional mover company to do all the hard work for you.

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