You Must Update These Places When Doing a Local Moving

You must do many things when moving to a new home, such as packing your belongings and updating your address! Yes, the following places need to know about your local moving:

Tax Office

This must be one of the first, if not the first, you inform. Notify your local tax office of your new address even before you move. Better still, let them know months before a local moving about where your new address will be and when you’ll officially start staying there. This will ensure you don’t get any unwanted bills or statements sent to your old address and accrue penalties that result in hefty fines.

Financial Organizations

You need to tell your bank and any credit card companies you have that you’re moving so that you can keep receiving statements and bills on time. Do this in advance so you don’t miss a bill payment, and your credit card company can switch your direct debits.


You will need to contact your utility providers and let them know your new address. This is so that they can update their records and let the new occupants of your old address know the details. Contact them at least two months before a local moving.

Phone and Internet Providers

Before moving, you should notify your mobile and phone service provider of your new address. This way, you can keep receiving your bills and accounts on time. Plus, it’s better to do this in advance so you don’t start racking up a bill at your new place before moving in!


You’ll also need to let your favorite magazines, newspapers, and letter services know about your new address to keep getting them delivered on time. Otherwise, you might miss your favorite publications and be out of the loop on current affairs!

Post Office

If you’re prepared for local moving, you need to tell your local post office so they can update their records and make sure all your mail and packages get sent to The new address. Give them your new address at least two months before you move.

Insurance Providers

To change your address with your insurance company, you need to contact them directly and let them know your new address. You may need to show proof of the new address, such as a utility or Internet bill. Once your insurance company has your new address on file, they can send you any future insurance policies or documents to your new address.

In Summary

Your things aren’t the only priority during local moving time. If you move to a new residence, you must remember to update your address for all your important accounts. You need to inform many different places regarding this change when you move. Not only do you need to change your address for your utilities, but you also need to change your address for your bank, credit card companies, and even your insurance company.

Regardless, be sure to remember to make these necessary changes. Otherwise, you might be running into trouble, whether menial or serious!


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