5 Neat Tricks That Will Make Your Packing Much Easier

Packing can be a real hassle. That said, it’s not impossible to get it done in an easier and more efficient way. You can even use some solid packing hacks to make your move simpler and possibly even cheaper.

Use Pillowcases for Storage

If you’ve run out of bags and don’t want to add any more storage boxes in your moving van, you can store some light items and clothes in pillowcases. They work well as makeshift bags, especially if you want to pack certain items but still be able to easily access them when needed.

Alternatively, you can use pillowcases to pack items together so that they aren’t just loose in their boxes. For example, you could put all your socks in one case so that it doesn’t just get mixed up with other items of clothing.

Take Photos of Each Box’s Contents

This will save you so much trouble when you suddenly need an item that has already been packed. This works whether you have already moved or just need to get something, even if you’re still packing things. By taking photos of each box’s items before closing them up, you get a quick inventory system that lets you know what item is stored where.

This way, you don’t have to fumble around and unpack everything just to find one single thing that you may have forgotten.

Use Extra Cloth and Fabric as Packing Material

If you have a lot of extra fabric or cloth pieces, you can find another use for them that will save you the cost of packing peanuts and save you another set of items that need their own box. Basically, you can use them as packing materials by filling up the bottom and sides of your storage boxes with them to protect your items.

Of course, you may not want to use any cloth that is fresh from the laundry if you are going to use it for items that aren’t exactly clean.

Vacuum Pack Those Thick Lightweight Things

Apartment movers will usually charge you by the vehicle used, so even if you have tons of stuff, you can save by being able to fit it all into the space of the moving van. Get everything packed and minimize the number of boxes you need by using the magic of vacuum packing.

You can actually do this yourself with just some kitchen or garbage bags and a vacuum cleaner with a hose. The DIY process is simple, and you can fill bags with mattress pads, clothes, and bedding for shrinking once vacuum-packed.

Toothpick Your Tape

One of the simplest yet most annoying parts of packing is having to keep track of where the end of your tape is. It’s also tiresome to keep wrestling with your tape just to peel it off, especially during packing time because that requires a ton of it. An easy workaround for this is to just stick a toothpick horizontally at the end of your tape to mark it.

You can break off the pointy ends to be safe or just be careful around it.


All of these little tricks can really make a difference in how easy your moving experience can be. If you couple this with some good apartment movers, you should be able to avoid some unnecessary headaches during the whole process. When you get the packing out of the way, you will be able to focus more on the exciting and positive elements of the move.

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