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Tips from a Professional Mover: Packing Your Boxes for a Move

One of the top priorities when you are about to move to a new home would be to pack your stuff, and indeed, you must pack them all well. Besides the implications of not getting your valued items damaged during the trip, you also have to invest some of your technical investments, most of which may come in the form of electronic gadgets or appliances.

That being said, you must know how to pack them all well so that you can maintain their quality throughout the move.

The thing is, you may have a hard time if you are just a beginner; that is why we have listed a couple of professional tips below to help you with the process.

1. Establish a Workstation

The first thing you must do is to establish a workstation. By that, we mean that you should set up a table in a room where you can work in.

You must also ensure that you have a few boxes available. They should include boxes of different sizes and shapes. The reason for that is to pack different items and appliances at a time.

2. Utilize the Right Boxes for Each Stuff

The next thing you should do is use the right boxes for each item or appliance you have. You must separate the boxes based on their sizes and the things that you are planning to put in them.

The first thing you should do is to clear the room of all the stuff you no longer need. Then, you must organize the things that you want to keep in a certain place. After that, you can start packing them according to the correctly-sized boxes where they may fit in.

3. Use the Right Type of Packing Tape and Bubble Wrap

The next thing you have to do is to make use of the right type of packing tape and bubble wrap. They should be able to withstand impact and ensure that the boxes are sealed throughout the move. You do not want your stuff getting thrown around in the truck.

Hence, you have to find packing tapes and bubble wraps that are strong enough to support your stuff and that are capable of protecting it from moisture, dust, and dirt.

4. Use a Label

The next thing you have to do is to use a label. After you pack your stuff in the boxes, and before you seal them, you must ensure that you include a label with the box and its corresponding destination.

This helps you keep track of all your stuff, and you can easily identify the right containers. The correct labeling system is essential so that you can easily determine which ones contain your clothes, your appliances, your accessories, etc.

5. Pack by Going through Each Room

Usually, when people are planning to move, they tend to pack everything in a hurry. However, that should not be the case. You must take your time and move the stuff you need to pack one by one.

In this way, you may identify the right items according to which room they were placed before in your old home. This makes things more organized, especially when you arrive at your new destination.


As you can see, when you are planning to move to a new place, you must execute things more carefully. This is because you will be moving a lot of valuable items, requiring you to take your time and make sure they are packed well.

Take note of all our tips above, and you will never have to deal with broken items and lost valuables right after a move.

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