Tips for Packing Different Fragile Items When Moving

Moving houses is rarely a simple task, and some even consider it to be one of life’s most stressful events. It is difficult to imagine moving everything you own, particularly if they’re heavy or fragile.

The especially tricky category of items to move is glassware and dishes. These items are essential to any dining set-up, which is why these fragile items need to be moved with care.

In this article, we’ll go over some tips for packing glassware and dishes, so you can enjoy them in your new home without running into any accidents on the way.

1. Packing Dishes

When packing delicate dishes, you need to first wrap them in a way that ensures their safety and breaks. The first thing you can do is line a cardboard box with a newspaper. You can also wrap them individually in a thin sheet of paper or even place them individually in paper bags.

You can then place them in the cardboard box (or paper bags in a box you’ve lined with cardboard). If you have very thin dishes that may break easily, you can place them in a thick plastic bag. Place the wrapped dishes in the box and place cardboard or plastic around them so that the box is packed well.

2. Packing Glasses

When packing glassware, bear in mind that sudden changes in temperature can damage some glasses. Ensure that you pack them well and in a way that minimizes the chances of breakage. A good tip for packing glassware is that you should separate glasses that are made of different materials. This will ensure that the glasses are packed better and are less likely to break.

Another option is to pack glasses so that the bottom of the glasses are facing upwards and the top are facing downwards. This is particularly applicable to packing glasses with stems, which may break easily when being packed.

The best thing you can do is wrap your glasses before packing. Wrap each glass in a sheet of paper, or paper bag, before placing it in a cardboard box or plastic bag.

3. Packing Vases

Before packing vases, make sure their contents have been emptied. While you may want to keep the flowers, you must remember that packing and transporting flowers are two different tasks.

When packing glass vases, packing paper might not be enough, especially for particularly fragile ones. Instead, it’s best to invest in bubble wrap. This will ensure that the vase is protected and will not break. After wrapping, you can place the vases in a cardboard box.

4. Packing Glassware Into Trucks

Glassware is particularly prone to breakage during transit, especially if they’re not packed correctly. When packing glassware into trucks, you should label each box with fragile items and indicate which side is up.

Place the heaviest boxes at the bottom of the stack. If you need to put more boxes on top of them, stack the boxes with lighter items on top (sheets and clothing, for example). Remember that these boxes will be moving in transit, so consider vibration and bumps on the road when you pack.


Packing glassware is not a simple task, but following these tips will help to reduce the chances of breakage. If you are moving houses, you might want to consider enlisting the help of professional movers. They can help you properly pack items that are particularly fragile, like glassware and dishes, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking.

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