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6 Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know When Moving with a Dog

Having your dog with you can be so special as it allows you to have the needed emotional support during every stage in life. However, while moving houses, you must support your dog as well. Some may get agitated while others are unable to cope with the move, deviating from their usual self.

Be sure to hire movers that will carry out any tasks of clearing out and transferring your belongings from your old place to the new area that you’re headed in. Allow them to help you clear your mind and schedule a little bit. That way, you have more time and energy to focus better on how to help your dog.

How can you best help your pet during this little transition, though? Here are a few excellent tips that every paw parent should know about moving with pups:

1) Soothe Your Dog’s Anxiety

Your dog may feel very stressed, visibly showing signs of discomfort and panic. Whether it’s with trembling, hiding, withdrawal, tucking their tail, and more, you can feel their negativity during this time more than any. Be sure to give them extra attention and soothe them from this state. Some dogs may lightly lick and bite while stressed, so keep that in mind.

2) Prep with Car Drives

Most of your pet’s anxiety may come from the long car drive that would ensue. Although some movers may welcome bringing a pet in tow, it’s recommended to bring them along within your vehicle instead. Start practicing longer car drives with your canine so that they wouldn’t have to find the car space too odd. Prepare treats in advance as a reward.

3) Try Pre-Move Visits

Another key move in preparing your dog for the move is to travel to the actual property that you’re moving to. Expound their comfort zone and let them roam around a little bit while you continue to keep tabs on them in this new area. Allowing them to feel a little more familiar with their surroundings will lessen their anxiety during and after the actual move.

4) Extend Your Patience

Being patient might be a given tip, but it’s important to be reminded that your pet has also spent as long a period in your current house as you did. Going somewhere new and dealing with the travel isn’t exactly easy for them, and it’s ideal to extend your understanding towards your dog.

5) Consult Your Vet

Your veterinarian will likely give you lots of advice with regards to your dog’s moving. This can be especially helpful if the big move is the first time they’ve shown such a degree of stress. Seek out medication that can help in calming your pup during the trip and shift. Request vet recommendations as well if their clinic will be too far from where you’re heading.

6) Bring the Essentials

Your pet will have several essentials to bring, and it’s important not to forget any of these when relocating. Ensure that you have your pets’ favorite toys and items with the movers. The bed and blanket may be better left in your car to help with the final drive of going home and bringing your dog to somewhere new.


Moving is an adjustment for both you and your pet. As much as they support you, be sure to give them double the love throughout this period. Sure enough, you’ll find yourself successful and settled in with your pup at the new home.

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