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7 Important Tips for Preparing for a Senior Move

Downsizing a senior’s house is a challenging and stressful process. Transferring a senior loved one or both parents across the nation might be difficult. There are a variety of reasons why an aging parent may need to relocate, and their adult children are responsible for their health, finances, and logistics.

However, if you plan ahead of time, the process could be much simpler. Keep the following tips in mind if you are planning your own senior move or will be assisting a friend or relative in the near future.

Tip: Create a Downsizing Timetable

Seniors should not expect to be mentally or physically prepared for downsizing within a few weeks. It will take much longer than you imagine. Decluttering homes that have been occupied for at least two decades will take time and effort. Begin decluttering your home right now to reduce the stress of a huge move. You can’t put it off any longer.

Tip: Seek Help

Seniors who need assistance with downsizing should not be hesitant to ask for it. If necessary, get assistance. Hire someone if at all possible. Consult with trusted family and friends who are not judgmental as an alternative.

Tip: Organize on Your Own Terms

Setting a few ground rules before you begin may help you downsize more efficiently. Create ground rules for you and your assistants to follow. As in, get rid of all expired groceries and cosmetics. That has been shredded, rusted, damaged, or is in bad shape. Duplicates will be removed.

Tip: Declutter, Don’t Hoard

Because your new house will be smaller, you’ll need to decide what you can and cannot bring with you. Check that your move-in items will fit in your new home. It is best to design a floor plan before loading the senior’s complete home onto a moving truck.

Tip: Let Go of the “What Ifs”

While we all hold on to stuff for “future projects” or to reignite a passion, it’s best to get rid of the “what ifs.” Anything you haven’t used, mended, or valued in the last few months should go. While downsizing and shifting to the next stage of life might be stressful, you can use this time to clear out your home of clutter and non-essential belongings.

Tip: Make a Donation

Moving out of a long-term property usually means donating items that cannot be given to family or friends. Make a charitable contribution to a cause in which you believe. You can also go to an organization in person. It’s simpler to let go when you know your stuff will be treasured.

Furthermore, elders should not assume that their loved ones want to bring additional belongings home with them. Individuals, especially younger generations, may not be interested in your stuff.

Tip: Save Memories

Seniors who want to save special memories and events should do so—there are several ways to store items like photos and t-shirts without taking up a lot of space. Perhaps you could even make a video of a tour of the house and tell some stories. The point is to retain power over your treasured memories.


We all know that downsizing and moving residences have a lot to do with letting go. While this may be difficult for you or your senior loved one, know that the reward of living a new life or beginning a new chapter is something to look forward to. And, with these tips in mind, the life transition will surely be simpler.

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