Tips for Packing Books: 9 Practical Tips to Get Started

Building an excellent book collection is only one of the many pleasures of being a reader—until it’s time to move. While it may seem like a simple task, it actually takes careful planning, organization, and effort.

You’ll need a great strategy that allows you to transfer your books effectively, safely, and correctly.

Explore some tried-and-true methods recommended by book lovers and organization experts on packing books and transporting your whole collection:

1. Pack the Books You Use Most Often Together

You should always pack the books you use most often on top of your box. This will allow you to have easy access to them when you arrive at your destination.

2. Wrap Fragile Books Individually

Fragile books should be wrapped individually with bubble wrap or moving blankets. Some people even use new, clean sheets to wrap hardcovers and books with thick covers.

3. Use Furniture Pads and Blankets

Book lovers use furniture pads and blankets to wrap each book and add cushions when moving. They also use it to protect and cushion books from the bottom of a box or the floor of a storage area.

4. Use a Box for Books with Odd-Shaped Spines

Books with odd-shaped spines, such as a tall, skinny book, should be packed in a box to prevent the spine from bending. This will also help keep the book from falling over because of its sheer height or irregular shape.

5. Use a Box Filled with Packing Peanuts

Books with damaged covers and pages can be wrapped with books in good condition, but with less corner and edge wear. The next step is to pack them in a box filled with packing peanuts or bubble wrap. This method is a great way to avoid further damage.

6. Use a Book-Size Box

Books should be packed in a box that is larger than the book. This provides extra space for any other book you are packing or for the packing materials you are using.

7. Weigh the Box

There are two ways to weigh a box of books. The first method is to use heavy books that you’re not taking with you. The second method is to place heavy objects on the books inside the box.

8. Label All Boxes or Containers

To avoid confusion, label the boxes of books you’ll bring with you with color-coded stickers.

Another way to label your boxes of books is by using a label maker. You can pre-program the label maker before you pack your boxes and write the books’ titles.

9. Use a Book Dummy

A book dummy is a large piece of cardboard cut the same size as your box and then wrapped in plastic to protect the box from moisture. A book dummy is a great way to save money on extra packing materials and protect your books from excess moisture.


Packing books can be challenging. It requires careful planning, preparation, and patience. You should always keep in mind the type of book you are packing, the weight of the book, and its size to be able to pack them properly. The right materials and packaging method will help minimize damage to your book collection during transport.

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