Tips for a Stress-Free Moving Experience

Moving is an exciting time for many, but for the planners, busy-bees and change adverse, it can be downright overwhelming. Make the most out of your next moving experience by incorporating some of these tried and true tips for a stress-free move.

Downsize, declutter and determine a plan before you get started packing.

Why waste time and energy getting items packed and moved if there is not a place for them in your new space? Before you get started packing, put on your best Marie Kondo hat (the well-known organizing consultant) and decide if there are items in your current home that you no longer need – or as Marie famously says, that no longer “spark joy.”

If there are large pieces that have you questioning “will this fit?”, take some measurements! Save time and stress on move day by avoiding moving your large pieces just to find out they won’t fit through your new home’s door.

A general packing plan is to start with the items that are used the least often such as the juicer in the back of your pantry or the out-of-season clothing in your closet. If you are not currently using it or thinking of using it, pack it.

Pack an overnight bag with all the essentials.

Before moving day, put together a bag that includes the essentials you’ll need immediately following your move, (i.e. toiletries, change of clothes, medications, pet food). Chances are, you’ll want these items when you arrive at your new home, but will be too tired to start unpacking. Laptops and work-related items are some other good things to include in your essentials bag. Trust us, your boss will not want to hear that you couldn’t complete a time-sensitive assignment because the “movers packed your computer.”

Start preparing at least a month or two in advance

Not everyone has the luxury of knowing they will be moving soon, but if you do, don’t wait until the last minute. Two months before you need to move, begin the organization process. Start collecting estimates from moving companies and track any notes, receipts, confirmation numbers, and documents by keeping them all in one place. A month out from your move date, order moving supplies (D1 Moving offers curbside pick-up), and begin packing the items that you won’t use in the next month. Make sure you have confirmed a date with your chosen moving company and ask about any policies for items such as liquids, house plants, electronics, and yard tools.

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