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Your Best Tape Options for Packing and Moving

While the excitement of getting a new home could give us pure joy, we all know that packing and moving could be such a pain. Sometimes, it’s stressful even just to think about it!

On moving day, you want to be prepared with the right tools. Thus, it’s important to know as early as now that not all packing tape is the same. You don’t want to pick up any old roll of tape to pack and seal your cardboard boxes. For this type of packing, you’ll need a moving tape with the right properties to protect your belongings.

There are numerous types of tape, each with a specific purpose. Labeling tape is thinner and less sticky than other types of tape, making it ideal for sealing large items. Meanwhile, it’s more complicated for the other tapes required when storing your belongings in a moving box.

Read on as we explain the various types of tape and which ones are best for moving and packing boxes.

The Shipping Tape

If you’re already wondering for the number one choice, shipping tape is the topmost preferred method. It usually comes with a hot-melt adhesive, which is great for sticking your boxes together. Furthermore, shipping tape does not have a cloth backing, making it easier to remove when opening boxes. It also has a sturdy two to three-inch width, which helps with proper box sealing.

The Storage Tape

When moving boxes, use storage tape. While shipping tape is good for short-term storage, storage tape is better for long-term storage. It does, however, have a more powerful and long-lasting adhesive than shipping tape.

The Brown Packaging Tape

Although brown packing tape is easy to apply and tear, it has some limitations. It is susceptible to moisture because it is not waterproof. Furthermore, because it is not as strong as the other options, it should only be used on lightweight boxes.

The Tapes to Avoid

There are probably more tapes in your kitchen drawer that we didn’t mention. Packing tape, duct tape, and scotch tape, for example, should be avoided when you’re packing your things in boxes and moving the said boxes in trucks, across states, or wherever!

Masking tape is great for sticking packing tape or bubble wrap to your items, but it will not simply stick to cardboard boxes and seal them. This type of tape doesn’t come with strong material and thicker adhesive and might be troublesome to use–you don’t want your boxes to burst during the move or while being stored.

While it is obvious that Scotch tape does not last for packaging, many people on the other hand assume that duct tape is safe to use when moving boxes. However, duct tape sticks to cardboard poorly and leaves an adhesive residue on other surfaces. Not to mention both Scotch tape and duct tape are some of the most expensive tapes on the market. Keep them for labeling your boxes instead.


Perhaps it all boils down to adhesiveness, tensile strength, and thickness. These characteristics matter when you’re securing your personal belongings and shipping them to your new home. Now that you know the best tape option you can use for your next move, you’ll finally be worry-free through a smooth-sailing relocation process!

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