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At Division 1 Moving Services, we believe assisting our customers at every step of the moving process is the key to simplifying the experience for them. Years of experience in the moving industry and thousands of satisfied families and businesses, are why we have emerged as leaders in the industry. Our core values of loyalty, integrity and customer satisfaction guarantee a stress-free and pleasant moving experience for each one of our customers. We specialize in each of our services and ensure we perform all of them perfectly.

Packing up your entire home or office is one of the most challenging parts of moving. For most people, it is the reason they dread moving. Countless items lie around and are stored in closets and rooms that need to be packed up in a few boxes and bags. Our Washington DC and Virginia packing team understand your frustrations, coordinates with you to find out your needs and demands, and ensures you are updated about the progress of your packed items. We use the highest quality crates to pack your things and avoid using cardboard boxes due to lack of durability, sturdiness, and hygienic purposes. We supply all packing items, so you do not have to worry about finding good quality packing supplies or spending a good amount of money purchasing them. Our team carefully packs your items to ensure there are no chances of any damages or losses.

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Packing For Washington DC Made Simpler

If you are planning to move and need help packing for Washington DC or Northern Virginia, you do not have to spend another single minute worrying about how your items will be packed. We provide complete and partial packing services for commodities. Our experienced movers pack in a way that minimizes any damage to your articles, fragile or sturdy. We use high-quality wraps to cover up your items carefully, so there isn’t a scratch on them.

The best part about having your items packed and moved professionally is that we start packing only a few days before the final move and ensure everything is done promptly. This means you will not be living in a messy house or working in a chaotic environment for weeks or even months. Items packed by us in crates and boxes are covered by insurance, which means if the items are damaged or lost, you will recover the losses. With one of the best and most experienced teams of movers in your corner, you do not have to worry about having your items packed in an unorganized way. Our team coordinates with you and packs items as you like. We label the boxes and secure them tightly once they are loaded into the trucks. However, our work does not end here; we also help you unload and unpack your heavy bags and boxes and carry them to rooms as you prefer. With Division 1 Moving Services, you are guaranteed a hassle-free moving experience, and you can rest at ease knowing you will arrive at a clean and organized home or office.

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