How to Safely Pack And Transport Your Vases During a Move

When transporting fragile items like vases during a move, you have to ensure that they are packed securely, else they’ll end up damaged. So, it’s definitely not wise to lump them in with the rest of your belongings. Instead, it’s best to follow these packing tips to help keep your vases intact.

Get Strong and Sturdy Moving Boxes

Your vases are best transported using sturdy and strong moving boxes. Choose a box that’s the right size for your vase and will not take up too much space in your moving van. Then, you can fill the inside of the box with the right packing materials.

Use Soft Packing Paper as the First Layer

It’s important that your vases and other fragile items are cushioned as much as possible during a move. As such, your first layer should be moving paper. You can even wrap your vase with multiple sheets of moving paper to make sure it’s completely protected. By wrapping your vases with soft packing paper, you can prevent scratches from appearing on the surface.

Make Sure You Use Enough Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the best ways to ensure that your vases are safe during a move. Just place the vase inside the moving box, then wrap it with at least two layers of bubble wrap. You should wrap the bubble wrap from both ends so that it comes to the middle and covers the vase entirely. That way there will be no chances of damage.

Use the Right Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are much better than regular blankets for wrapping fragile items. If there’s not enough bubble wrap or moving paper, then you can use a moving blanket to wrap around the vase. It’s thick and durable, giving enough cushioning to your vase.

Properly Seal the Box Flaps with Quality Packing Tap

It would be best to always seal the seams and the flaps of each box you use with packing tape. The packing tape should run along the seams and cover the flaps. Make sure you don’t use regular tape. It should be strong packing tape to ensure your vases won’t get damaged.

Don’t Forget to Label the Boxes as “Fragile”

Once you’re done packing all of your vases and other fragile items, you should label them “Fragile” and “This Side Up.” That way, your moving helpers will remember how to handle the boxes properly. They will also know why each item should be handled with care.

Hire a Trusted Moving Company

When it comes to moving your items, a reliable moving company is a must. So, hire one who has good experience in moving precious items like vases. Also, read their customer reviews, so you’ll know what others think of the company’s performance and their quality of service.

Final Thoughts

It’s very important to take extra care of vases and other fragile items during a move. Otherwise, they can get damaged easily and even broken. These packing tips will ensure that your valuables remain intact and arrive in the same condition they were in when you packed them.

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