Some Simple Packing Tips for Your Move to Senior Living

Packing may seem daunting, but if you plan your move to senior living ahead of time and stick to your plan each day, it can be a great experience.

That said, you can even make it easier using the following tips below.

1. Downsize All Your Packed Items as Much as Possible.

It’s a good idea to get rid of extra possessions you do not need anymore. Don’t leave any items you rarely use. If they don’t have a specific place in your future residence, you might be better off getting rid of them.

2. Make a List of What You Will Take to Senior Living.

Make a list of items that you will likely need to move to senior living. Make sure to include all the items you will need to get you through the first few weeks.

It’s also a good idea to check your financial situation to see what you can afford to spend on moving. It’s always better to stick to the set budget than to keep buying new things that you cannot afford.

3. Sort Everything.

Packing everything is a mistake. If you have enough room, pack one area at a time, and concentrate on the items you will use first. Then, you can send the items you won’t need right away to another facility. For example, clothes you won’t need for a few months can be sent ahead of you. Or, you may want to send clothes you are having dry cleaned to another facility.

4. Follow Your Plan.

Once you have things sorted, stick to your plan. This will save you time and energy. Don’t be surprised if you take longer than you expected to pack!

5. Use Plastic Containers.

Using plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes will save you money. Cardboard boxes are not worth the money. They will cost you more than plastic containers, can slide around, and can be a tripping hazard. Invest in plastic containers to keep your belongings safe and in place.

6. Use Bins.

The same goes for container bins. Never use cardboard boxes to store your belongings. They are not worth the money and are not sturdy enough to hold your belongings. Instead of cardboard boxes, use plastic bins. They are more expensive, but they will last longer.

7. Learn to Pace Yourself.

There’s no way around it — packing takes a lot of time. Set your goals by the day, and try to stick to them. This will help you to pace yourself. You will feel like you are making progress, and you will be able to keep going.

8. Use Color to Your Advantage.

Color coding is a great way to avoid confusion. Using different colors for different types of items will help you to avoid double-packing. When you start packing, you may have no idea where things go. Using colors will make it easier for you to remember what goes with what.


Moving to a senior living community can help you to improve your quality of life. It can help you regain a sense of independence and community.

That said, planning your move ahead is much better than going through a rushed and disorganized process.

The tips above will not only help you pack appropriately, but they will also help you do it easily and efficiently.

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