5 Best Practices for Packing Shoes during the Moving Process

One of the essential things people transport during a move is shoes. Although they may seem like things that do not occupy too much space in the storage of the moving vehicles, they would still take up a considerable chunk of the area if not packed correctly. Therefore, as people move to a new address, it is vital to do their best to lessen the space occupied by the shoes during the moving process. But how do you do that? Here are some ideas.

1. Pack the Shoes with the Laces

The best way to pack your shoes is by tying them with the laces because it is easier to locate the shoes during unpacking. The laces identified hanging from the boxes should help them get identified easily. The method would eliminate the need to tie the laces each time you wear them. It would also reduce the space occupied by the shoes since you would no longer need to put them in boxes.

2. Use Plastic Wraps for Shoes

If you need to store your shoes in boxes, you can use plastic wraps to wrap them up. The plastic covers would help protect the shoe from getting wet and dirty. It also keeps it in good condition for a length of time. People can repurpose plastic wraps and use them in many other ways to store other items.

If you are taking the shoes to a place with higher humidity, it is essential to consider wrapping them in plastic wrap. If it is a one-month stay, you could cover the shoes in a plastic bag. If your stay is more extended, buy a plastic wrap with a long lifespan.

3. Use Smaller Bags for Sandals

It is best to store them in smaller bags for sandals that would not be used for a more extended period. The bags would take up less space and protect the sandals from moisture. Larger bags would take up space, and if you keep them for a long time, they might get mouldy.

You can also use paper bags for wrapping the sandals to pack in boxes because they are easily accessible when you need them. They can also be slipped into your luggage without taking a lot of space.

4. Keep Nicer Pairs in Original Boxes

If you have a collection of nice shoes, it is best to keep them in their box. They would still have their original shape and not get a lot of damage, unlike if you kept them in a plastic bag. It is also a tradition to keep the boxes of items and shoes in better condition than other things.

The boxes can also store other items, so it is worth keeping the box the shoes come in. It would also be an excellent way to document the shoe’s history of ownership and where it has been worn to.

5. Store Shoes in Separate Bags

If you have more than one pair of shoes, it is best to store them in separate bags. If you keep them all in the same bag, they might get mixed. And you might never know what they are. It is also helpful in distinguishing the shoes in a pack of similar-looking shoes. Keeping your shoes in the proper storage method is vital in keeping them in good condition. It also helps you identify your shoes more easily.


Shoes are valuable items in bagged inboxes. The best way to store shoes is to keep them separately in their bags. A shoe bag with a picture label is a quick way to identify the shoe in it. Holding the shoes untied and packed in a bag before they are boxed can also help reduce the space they take in your moving vehicle.

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