Packing Office Supplies and Equipment for Your Move

Moving is usually quite a chaotic task. If you’re talking about moving a whole office, you might be in for a lot of work. When you’re moving an office, a lot of equipment and supplies used for earning money are involved. You’re also moving stuff for plenty of employees as opposed to just a handful of people in households. If you want to do it right and take care of your items, we’ve got some advice for you.

1. Start with a Schedule

If you have a lot of items that need to get moved, you’ll want to set up a schedule. This will keep you on track and allow you to keep your office running smoothly while you’re busy with the move. It will also enable you to plan for how long the move will take.

2. Try Placing Items in Original Packaging

If you still have the boxes that your office equipment came in, the best thing you can do is to reuse them. You can place items like monitors, computers, printers, and other valuables in their original packaging. Buying appropriate boxes can be a huge waste of time, so the next time you buy equipment, try keeping the boxes if you have the space to accommodate them. You’ll be glad you did.

3. Pack using Cushioning

Cushioning is an important part of protecting your equipment from being damaged while in transit. Cushioning can be styrofoam, bubble wrap, or even unused moving blankets.

Packing your equipment using whatever you have around the office is often not good enough. The last thing you want to do is wait for insurance claims for broken equipment, which you could have prevented.

4. Organize Documents in File Boxes

When you’re moving items in an office, there are a lot of paper documents to be moved. You don’t want to find yourself having to sort through piles of paper and distribute them among staff members. An excellent way to organize this is to place the documents in new file boxes and write the names of the projects on each box.

5. Wrap Office Decor in Bubble Wrap

Items like pictures, signs, and other d├ęcor should be covered in bubble wrap before being placed in boxes. This will minimize the chances of breakage. They could even be the first items in the moving boxes because starting your pack with them will not affect your operations. Make sure to label them to easily keep track.

6. Ask Employees to Pack Their Own Things

You may have hired a moving firm to help you with the moving of your items, but you might consider letting your employees pack their own things. This will allow them to prioritize what items to be packed. It will also lessen the burden on you, and your employees can do their work without worrying about losing anything. Let them be responsible for their things.

However, this can be time-intensive for your employees, who could be doing their jobs instead of packing. Hiring professional movers will allow you to not lose a lot of hours that could otherwise be productive.


You should always be careful when transporting office equipment, but there are ways to make it less risky. It’s your responsibility to make sure your equipment gets transported in the safest way possible. Having the right moving supplies and equipment is essential to make sure that the job gets done without a hitch. Know what needs to be done to make moving offices a success.

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