Here’s Some Key Advice for Packing and Moving! Part 2

In the last blog, we covered the preparation before all the way up to the move. We will now pay more attention to things, setting up, the move itself, and even the new place:

Have a Moving Checklist

Sure, this is part of initial preparation, but it’s actually an ever-active situation! You could have nine things on your list Monday, and it could be all blown up to fourteen on Wednesday even with other things crossed out.

A moving checklist is more than just a list of what you’ve got or what you have to get done. It can make all the difference between you spending on something you already have, or completely forgetting a necessity until it’s too late.

Take it room by room so you can gauge the packing materials required. Start taking notes about how much work it will entail, too. That way, you can better recruit assistance and really get things ready for the big move.


Yes, you read that right—as soon as possible. If it’s possible for you to start packing months before you actually make the move, that’s even better!

Start with things or areas that aren’t being used and won’t be needed prior to the move, like:

  • The basement
  • Good china you only use on holidays
  • Guest rooms
  • Seasonal items

There’s no set place to start; you can pack the bathroom first, or your living room first. Anywhere is fine. Just bear in mind that the kitchen should not be last.

Using Hangers for Some Clothes? Keep Them There!

Some people are under the misconception that removing hangers from wardrobe clothes makes moving easier. On the contrary, it just complicates something that’s pretty simple.

Just go and tie up the hangers together, then run them through a bin bag. When it’s pulled down over clothes, voilaprotection during the move while they’re still ready to be hung at the new place!

Make the Most of Every Area You Can

Space is usually a good thing, but not when packing boxes. Having things tightly packed altogether is a surefire way to prevent any damage from rolling around or extensive shaking during transport.

Consider putting some clothes in nooks and crannies where big, stiff items are packed. Maybe that silverware set can be wrapped in holiday clothes? Be smart about space as you pack.

Put Small Items in Small Bags

Every homeowner has some really small items they’d lose if they weren’t kept in another larger container, such as pencils, paper clips, or screws. If you have teeny-tiny items to bring with you, group them together and put them in small sealable bags first. By pre-packing them, they’ll be easy to find when you’re unpacking.


There are many great ways to go about moving stress-free. In the previous blog we highlighted the importance of preparation. After that, be sure to have a moving checklist, pack ASAP,and keep clothes on hangers. It’s also important to be ready to play “Tetris” with packed items down the line.

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