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9 Items You Should Store in Climate-Controlled Storage Units

There’s no such thing as too much space, especially in a home. After all, you’re bound to get many belongings over the years, and you’ll need a place for them. However, there will always come when you need to move out of your home. While standard storage units can be used, climate-controlled storage units are recommended.

A climate-controlled storage unit is what it sounds like: a storage unit with unique controls to control temperature. It can be used year-round and will ensure that your valuable belongings do not get damaged, especially if you’re storing items that are sensitive to extreme temperatures. However, not many people know what can be stored in climate-controlled storage units, which is why we’ll discuss them in this article. These include:

#1 – Clothes

Clothing is one of the most commonly stored items in climate-controlled storage units, especially garments not worn often. This is a recommended measure to protect your clothes from humidity damage, a problem in standard storage units.

#2 – Furniture

Humidity and dust can deal significant damage to furniture, especially wooden ones. This is why you should store furniture in climate-controlled storage units. However, while many people think you can store the entire house, you should only store the not regularly used furniture. Otherwise, you’ll waste a lot of space and make it difficult to access them.

Additionally, you should also ensure that your furniture does not rust if you live in humid conditions. This can be easily prevented with a coat of paint or avoiding leaving them outdoors.

#3 – Medicine

Medicines are sensitive to extreme temperatures, which is why you should always ensure that they are stored in a climate-controlled storage unit. This way, you’ll prolong the lifespan of your medicine, and you can use them later.

#4 – Electronics

Electronic devices, such as televisions, computers, and microwaves, are susceptible to extreme temperatures and humidity. Therefore, if you have any of these items, you should store them in a climate-controlled storage unit. This will ensure that they are protected from humidity, a threat to electronic devices.

#5 – Photos and Documents

Photos are a great way of preserving memories. However, they are also sensitive to humidity, so you should store them in a climate-controlled storage unit. Additionally, you’ll also have time to find a suitable spot for them around the house when the time comes.

Documents should also be stored in climate-controlled storage units to prevent them from being damaged by moisture. They should also be stored in an easy way to access, as you’ll be needing them in the future.

#6 – Artworks and Antiques

Artworks and antiques are a great way of decorating your home. But, if you’re into collecting them, you’ll need to store them in a climate-controlled storage unit. This is because high temperatures can easily damage these items, and changes in humidity can even cause them to crack.

Furthermore, you should also hire an insurance company to ensure that your artworks and antiques are protected from theft and humidity damage. This helps prevent you from losing them forever.

#7 – Books, Magazines, and Newspapers

Reading books is an excellent hobby for people of all ages. However, if you’re storing them in your home, you should consider putting them in a climate-controlled storage unit. They should also be stored in a way that’s easy to access so that you can read them easily.

#8 – Musical Instruments

If you’re a music enthusiast, you’ll need to store your musical instruments in a climate-controlled storage unit. This will protect them from humidity, which is a threat to musical instruments, and dust, which can cause them to become dirty.

#9 – Collectibles

Collectibles, such as stamps and coins, are also some items you should store in a climate-controlled storage unit. This is because these items are susceptible to humidity and dust, which can cause them to become damaged and lost. However, storing them in a climate-controlled storage unit will protect them from harmful moisture.


While some of these belongings can be stored in a regular storage unit, it’s highly recommended that you opt for a climate-controlled storage unit. A climate-controlled storage unit will allow you to have at least several months to find a permanent storage spot for your belongings. As long as you use climate-controlled storage units, you won’t have to worry about your belongings being damaged.

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