Five Items You Want to Consider Leaving behind When Moving

When relocating, it makes sense to do it all at once. Jump from one house to another like a frog, stopping only to sort things out, pack, transport and unpack. Not just once, but twice.

However, relocating isn’t that simple. In practice, it’s a lot more complicated, especially if you have accumulated plenty of things over the years. If you’re taking stock of all your belongings, you’re likely considering which ones you should leave behind.

This guide will walk you through the items you don’t need or want in your new space.

1. Anything Built into the Property

Whether you like it or not, the fixtures in your home are permanent, unless you have the technical know-how to remove them. Appliances, sinks, light fixtures, the air conditioner, and even the shower walls aren’t going anywhere.

In other words, if you’re moving into a home (or apartment), you will not be relocating the things built into your previous property.

2. Bulky Furniture

You can’t put your sofa and refrigerator in the trunk of your car and bring them with you. These are bulky items and are not easy to move. If you’re not working with professional movers, you may want to leave any bulky items behind.

Bulky items, in this case, can be your expensive sofa or bookshelf. You don’t have to worry about your money on them, though. You can always up the price of your previous property or sell these items.

3. Old Clothes and Shoes

For a long time, you may have considered these items as the bare minimum for your wardrobe. However, now that you’re relocating and have a big house, you must realize that your old clothes and shoes won’t fit in your new space.

Therefore, you should start considering which items you need to get rid of. You can donate them to charity or a donation center. You can also sell them on a site like eBay to get some extra cash.

4. Faulty Appliances

Don’t attempt to move faulty appliances. You are not even allowed to do it. Having a device that needs repair or replacement will only lead to more problems. You’ll face a big loss if you choose to move faulty appliances.

If you want new appliances for your new home, consider selling your old ones. This way, you’ll have extra cash, and you can use the money to buy a new one for your new home.

5. Knick-knacks and Souvenirs

These objects are a true nightmare to move. First of all, there is no point in moving these objects, as they don’t add any utility to your new home. Second, it will take a long time to pack them.

If you want to move knick-knacks and souvenirs, you should think about using the services of a specialized moving company. There are technical services for carrying various items and not just furniture.

Final Note

By following this guide, you could keep the costs of your move low. You won’t have too much to move. If you put too much stuff in your new home, you may end up spending more money on buying additional furniture.

In addition to that, you may be putting an additional burden on yourself and your other family members. The less you have to move, the better it is.

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