how much do moving companies charge

How Much Do Moving Companies Charge?

During their lifetime, the average American will move up to eleven times. People’s moving expenses are determined by a variety of factors. Here are some of the factors that influence how much do moving companies charge:

Factors Affecting Movers’ Cost

  1. The moving supplies. The more moving supplies you have, the more expensive the move will be. Professional movers also charge more than do-it-yourself rental trucks.
  2. The distances. Moving costs increase as distance increases. A local move would be less costly than a long-distance move.
  3. The moving date. Moving costs are higher during the summer than during the off-peak moving season. Moving during off-peak hours will save you money on moving costs.
  4. The packing services. Premium specialty services include packing services for specialty items. This service will incur additional costs.
  5. The moving company’s prices. You will incur additional moving costs if you hire an expensive moving company. The cost of movers will vary depending on the type of moving company. Choose reputable moving companies when hiring full-service movers.
  6. The demand for the location. Different locations have different costs. The cost incurred will depend on the demand for the services in the area.
  7. Storage. A portable moving container used as a storage unit will increase the average cost incurred. For any stops made by the truck rental company, you will incur extra charges. The total cost of hiring a portable moving container ranges from three to approximately four thousand dollars per mile.
  8. The labor effort required. For a studio apartment, one to two professional movers will be required. A one-bedroom apartment will require two to three movers. Hiring professional movers will also incur additional charges.

Average Costs of Hiring movers

If you lack the necessary resources or time to relocate, you should consider hiring movers. Consider DIY options such as moving containers and renting trucks to save money, but be prepared to do a lot of heavy lifting.

DIY may be less expensive, but when your items are damaged, the cost skyrockets. The state requires all movers to provide full value protection to their customers, regardless of the value of their belongings. The valuation coverage provided by various moving companies varies.

  • The Cost of a Local Moving Company

The average cost of a local move ranges from $500 for a studio apartment to $3,000 for a five-bedroom apartment. Depending on the appliances being moved, a local move for a five-bedroom apartment could cost upwards of $1,000. Local movers will charge you based on the size of your home.

Most local movers charge less because their fuel costs are lower. You can save money on moving expenses by purchasing packing supplies from your rental truck company. Hiring movers will save you from doing the heavy lifting.

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  • Long Distance moving cost

Long-distance moving costs are high due to the costs of fuel, tolls, and long-distance driving services. Long-distance moves typically cost between two hundred and fourteen thousand dollars, depending on the number of miles traveled and the size of the vehicle. The average total cost of hiring a moving company is high, but there is valuation coverage that ensures all of your belongings arrive safely.

If you reside in Alexandria and are looking for long-distance moving companies, Division 1 Moving Storage Company has got you covered. Hire our professionals, who will ensure that the moving process is smooth, and we will also offer affordable closing costs to our clients. Use our free cost calculator to help you calculate moving costs per mile.

  • The cost of movers per hour?

For labor-only movers, the cost will range from thirty-eight to seventy-five dollars per hour for each local move. Hourly rates depend on the size of your home and the number of movers. These charges vary from one client to another. The larger the size of your home and the more movers, the higher the average total cost.

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Additional Moving Services and fees to consider

You may incur additional add-on charges depending on your moving needs. Clients pay additional charges for these services. These services include:

  • Specialty services: To ensure that specialty items are safe, specific skills and services are required. These items include a piano, artwork, or a hot tub. You will pay the additional cost of these items.
  • Extra stops: Extra costs are incurred when the movers make extra stops. The cost of these services depends on the labor involved and the number of stops made. When a mover makes a stop to take items from a storage unit, you will have to pay an extra amount.
  • Stair carry fee: If your home has a lot of staircases, this fee will be charged when the movers move your belongings up and down several staircases.
  • Long carry fee: When a moving truck cannot be parked near your home, a mover will have to carry your items to and from the moving truck. The mover will be paid this fee.
  • Shuttle fee: When the moving vehicle cannot be packed near your home, a shuttle is used to transport your items to and from the moving truck. Shuttle fees will be charged for the services.
  • Unpacking services: If you need help unpacking your belongings, the packing costs will be used to pay the movers for the time spent on this service.
  • Tipping: To show appreciation, tip movers. This is a good way to show them that you are grateful for the services offered.

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