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Our Guide to Safely Moving Your Large, Fragile Belongings

Moving is challenging. From dealing with move-out cleaning to figuring out how to move all of your items to your new home successfully, you’re sure to have your fair share of stress and exhaustion. Whether you’re moving to somewhere near or far, the thought of having to transport everything you own will indeed seem like an overwhelming task, precisely because it is!

However, more than cleaning out your old home and taking care of other responsibilities, perhaps the most challenging part of moving is moving your fragile possessions. You never know what could happen while traveling—some things could get damaged—or worse, lost—along the way.

Fortunately, with just the right tips in mind, you can be sure that your move will be as easy as possible—and your fragile possessions will be properly cared for. Here are some moving tips to ensure that your fragile items get where they need to go in one piece:

Seek Professional Help

When you’re moving fragile items, you can’t just pack them up and load them onto the moving van by yourself; you’ll need the help of a moving service. Moving services have the equipment and the manpower to safely pack and transport your fragile items the way they need to be.

If you’re moving and have a lot of fragile or antique furniture, or if you have any other precious items that you don’t want to be damaged during your move, one of the best ways to ensure that they reach your new home in one piece is by hiring home movers to handle them for you.

Arlington movers will move your items and treat them with care and attention. They know how to pack fragile items properly and load them onto their trucks to avoid falling or suffering damage along the way. When you leave the job to the best moving company, you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Box or Bag It

When it comes to moving fragile items, it’s always best to pack them in boxes or bags. This way, you can be sure that nothing will get broken or damaged.

If you have any fragile items that are too large or cumbersome to fit into boxes, you can always use bubble wrap and shipping paper to wrap them up. Remember to add a few extra inches of padding around the edges of the fragile item in the box so that the other things around it won’t damage it.

Once everything is packed, you can make sure that the box is taped or tied securely to prevent it from opening or breaking along the way.

Pack Lightly

If there’s one thing you want to do to ensure the safe arrival of your fragile items, it’s to pack lightly. The lighter they are, the less they will shake around during transportation.

Also, the less you have to move and the less you have to load onto the moving van or truck, the easier it will be to transport your fragile items carefully.


A move is a lot of work, but it’s more doable if you have the right tools and resources! Mindful planning, time management, and proper preparation are key elements to a successful move. As long as you follow the tips above, you’ll be able to move your fragile items with significantly less stress!

If you’re looking for the best moving company in Arlington, look no further than Division 1 Moving & Storage! Our experienced movers pack in a way that minimizes any damage to your articles, fragile or sturdy, and use high-quality wraps to cover up your items carefully, so there isn’t a scratch on them. Request a free quote today!

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