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Everything You Need To Know About Packing for a Move

So you are moving, huh? This process can be a tiring one and will require you to set aside a significant amount of energy and time in preparing and packing all your things.

No matter what kind of move you are doing, it is always best to plan ahead of time, so you can avoid feeling more stressed as the big day gets closer. Read on to learn everything you need about packing for a move, from the length of time it may take to the best tips to make this an efficient process for you.

Factors That Affect How Long You Pack

1. Contents of Your Home

The type of space you are packing up will largely affect the time you need to complete this task. A small kitchen with lots of drawers and shelves may take you several more days than an oversized garage that is almost empty.

In addition, your lifestyle is also a factor that will determine how long you need to pack for your move. Memorabilia collectors, for example, need more time to ensure the proper handling and packing of their belongings.

2. Size of Your Home

Typically, dedicating one day per room in your house is enough to pack everything in it. This can change, however, depending on the size of a specific room. You may need more than a day to pack belongings in a much bigger space.

3. Organization of Your Items

Naturally, if the contents of your room are already sorted and organized, it may be very easy to pack everything. Otherwise, you can list items that need to be packed per room and note how long it may take to sort through each category.

How to Spend Less Time Packing

1. Do Not Empty The Items From Drawers

Emptying drawers and putting their contents in a separate container is one way to spend more time on your packing. Instead of doing this, it’s better to remove drawers from desks or dressers and wrap them to prevent the contents from spilling out. These can already be loaded into the vehicle of your moving company.

2. Prepare Moving Supplies

To help you pack faster, stock up on tape, boxes, scissors, plastic containers, markers, and other materials you need for labeling and packing stuff.

3. Segregate

Make piles for items to be donated, sold, or thrown away, and be firm about following this segregation. This helps you spend less time pondering what to do with every item.

4. Use Specialty Boxes

Specialty boxes for wardrobe, glassware, and other items can help you pack more efficiently. They are specifically designed to store objects that should be handled with care and are perfect for saving time on folding, stacking, or finding a suitable container.


Moving can be an exciting yet exhausting process. And to ensure the best possible experience for you, you must plan ahead and set an estimated time for packing every part of your house.

It is best to employ the help of reliable movers who know the best ways to prepare for your move and have your best interests in mind. With our guide above, it will be much easier for you to do this and achieve a seamless move for you and your family.

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