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How to Evaluate Product & Packaging Damage Due to Shipment

In an eCommerce business, it’s not enough that you offer high-quality products to your customers. You have to ensure that the items are protected during local moving or international shipping, so your customers can receive them promptly and in the best possible condition.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your logistics partner handles your packages well. At the same time, you should also look into the common mistakes in packaging and shipping that you have to avoid for better customer service.

1. Bad Handling

This is often the mistake that occurs as a part of the delivery process. It could be the mishandling of products or the mishandling of packages. The wrong method of packaging and handling can cause damage and delay your products.

There are several ways to manage this problem. First, ensure that your packages are marked correctly. If you’re shipping several products or one large item, you should always write “Fragile” on the package. It helps avoid accidental damage, like dropping or throwing, during the delivery process.

If you’re shipping glass, electronic, or other delicate and fragile items, you may want to invest in special packaging. It may also be wise to invest in bubble wrap, peanuts, and other products that keep fragile items safe.

2. Humidity, Water, and Weather Damage

In some cases, shipping damage occurs due to humidity, water, and weather conditions. This damage is often caused by moisture; it can get into the package and cause rust, mildew, loss of color, buckling, and more.

You can prevent this damage by following a few practices. First, make sure that you store your products in a place not prone to moisture, water, and weather damage. If your packaging is not water-resistant, you should add a moisture-proof lining inside.

Also, keep the packages away from irrigation systems and sprinklers. You should avoid loading your products onto a truck in a rainstorm if possible. If that is not possible, make sure you have adequate protection for the products.

3. Pests

Insects and rodents can cause severe damage to your products, especially over longer periods. They can chew through the packing materials, leading to holes and weak spots. These weak spots can lead to bulky packages that are difficult to move, damaging your products and leading to unhappy customers.

You can avoid this damage by having your packages fumigated by a professional. You can also opt for an alternative method to use a strong-smelling substance, like peppermint or cloves, to keep away the pests. Additionally, you can use airtight packages to prevent the entrance of pests.

4. Excessive Empty Space

Packages that are too large and full of space are ineffective, but they can also be a safety hazard. The larger the box, the more fragile it is, and the more likely it will break.

If you’re using a courier, you should use newspaper, peanuts, bubble wrap, or corrugated fiberboard to fill the space.

Final Thoughts

To ensure successful delivery, you should always take steps that ensure your products are protected. This includes choosing a reliable logistics partner, following the steps for packing and shipping, and paying attention to the common mistakes in packaging and shipping.

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