Places to Donate Items Easily When Packing for a Move

Preparing for your move is one of those moments in your life wherein you will have to let go of some of your belongings. It’s an excellent opportunity to think about what you need and what you don’t need in your life.

When you do let go of some things, it’ll be easier for you to move, as you have fewer things to lug around. By donating some of them, you can even help others in need. Choosing where to donate your belongings, on the other hand, is another duty to add to your growing to-do list.

Here are the best places to donate items easily when packing for a move:

1. The HATAS Furniture Bank

The Homeless and Travelers Aid Society works with families transitioning out of homelessness or are otherwise in need. They accept any donated furniture, bedding, and household items.

They accept furniture and household items of all shapes and sizes. Many of their clients have recently moved from shelters or other transitional programs and may not necessarily have the funds to furnish their new homes.

In addition, they accept clothing, personal hygiene items, and other household goods to distribute to the homeless and people in transition.

2. The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is always in need of furniture and household items. However, they request that you please check with your local Salvation Army to see if they take used furniture and household items.

Though some branches may not take used furniture and household items, many do. Your local Salvation Army will happily provide you with a list of things they accept in your area.

In addition, it is a great place to donate small items that have a high resale value. Rather than throwing away your gently used electronics, books, or clothing, you could bring them to a local Salvation Army.

Their Donation Locator on their website lists several locations that would love to accept your donated goods. For instance, you can donate blood pressure cuffs, artificial flowers, laundry baskets, and even vases.

3. Capital District ReStore (Habitat for Humanity)

Capital District ReStore is a great place to donate your used furniture and household items. It is a part of Habitat for Humanity International. The establishment resells everything it receives and then uses the money to build and repair houses in the local community.

Though they don’t expressly accept used furniture and household items, they sometimes do. For instance, they take mattresses and other bedroom accessories. Otherwise, they give you a list of things they accept in your area.

In addition, they accept paint, tiles, doors, windows, and other home improvement items. Considering that you can claim your taxes for donating these items, it makes sense to present them.


As you can see, it is easy to donate a variety of used furniture and household items, which can be an excellent tax write-off and benefit someone who needs it. However, it would be best to still think about your belongings when you move. You will want to ensure you have enough coverage to replace all your possessions.

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