6 Best Moving Tips for Seniors by Professional Movers

Have you ever wondered if there was a safer and more efficient way to handle your moving operations, especially when you’ve reached a point in your life where reducing clutter and slimming down in-house belongings have become a top priority? Then you’ve come to the right place!

To make sure you have a positive experience, we’ve carefully put together some of the best tips for you to make the most out of your move—especially as a senior citizen! Let’s get right to it by jumping straight into the benefits!

Moving as a Senior

Downsizing homes has become quite popular among senior citizens. Many seniors across the country are turning to local moving companies for professional assistance. After all, maintaining stuffy and unmanageable homes for the sole purpose of hoarding emotional attachments may no longer be worth all the trouble.

Get Professional Help

The first step is to seek professional help. It’s not very common for people to handle their own moves; everyone requires help one way or another. While going through the whole process can be rewarding, it can also cause stress in a variety ways.

Rather than begging for assistance from reluctant friends and family, consider professional local moving companies so you can streamline your moving operations. You might also reduce your likelihood of injuries from moving heavy objects.

Decide Whether or Not It’s Time to Downsize

The realities of owning a large home can be overwhelming, especially when you’re already late into your senior years. In order to avoid unwanted complications, you need to fully identify your personal wants and needs. If navigating through long hallways and climbing a large amount of stairs have become painful toils, you might want to consider a comfortable downsize.

Sort Through Your Belongings

If your current living space amounts to a total of 3,000 sq. ft. and you’re planning to move into a 1,000 sq. ft. home, it would be wise to start sorting through your belongings. Minimizing your possessions can save you a lot of trouble. However, I believe we both can agree on the fact that it can also be a difficult task.

One helpful tip would be to consider having fun with the process. Having friends and family come over to help out can really make all the difference.

Pack Your Belongings with Utmost Care

After the process of sorting comes the part where you should start packing your possessions. Your belongings can consist of items that hold either high financial or emotional value. If you’re planning on moving a lot of items that possess significant value, you may want to consider seeking help from highly trained professionals.

Prepare Yourself for Emotional Fallouts

While being carried away by the motions and responsibilities of the moving process, many movers forget to properly reassure themselves that it’s completely alright, and even healthy, to experience unexpected moments of doubt and anxiety. It’s perfectly fine to open yourself up to a short period of grieving.

To help you out, we’ve also come up with a few things you can do to properly transition to your fresh new start:

Find a New Home For Unwanted Belongings:

Do you have an old shelf or a coffee table that you don’t need? Or pots,plates, and various cooking utensils that you can no longer store? We recommend considering some other ways to downsize while providing to those that may actually need them.

Take Photos to Keep Your Memories Alive

Though you may be tempted to think that you’ll one day revisit your old neighborhood, we know things never always go according to plan. To spare yourself the trouble of wondering whether you could have kept more memories, why not take a few pictures here and there on your moving day? Photographs can be stored, opening you up to opportunities where you can revisit fond memories. Remember, it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

Accept the Move and Start Living Out Your New Life

Finally, make sure you properly relax, unwind, and spend some time properly appreciating your new home and the journey you’ve gone through. Once you’ve gone through a good day or two, start getting familiar with your new environment and the people you’ll eventually meet. You have accomplished a huge feat and you’re more than ready to experience all the exciting adventures waiting for you in this next part of your life.


Moving is never easy, but it is certainly easier with the right steps and the right movers at your side. The trick is being organized and learning to let go of some of your things. As a senior citizen, you deserve to kick back and let others do it.

From packing to loading, dismantling your furniture and equipment to reassembling them, we do it all. Whether you’re moving long-distance to a bigger house, or next door to a smaller one, Division 1 Moving Services is the best mover in Alexandria, VA.

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