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5 Strategies for Dealing with Stress during a Relocation

People routinely place “moving” at the top of their lists when asked to rate the most stressful experiences in their life. Because you’ll be leaving a familiar environment and habit, moving might be stressful.

Ambiguity is constantly there, and stress is a normal response to uncertainty. Here are five strategies for dealing with tumultuous emotions before to, during, and after your relocation.

1. Bid Farewell to Your Previous Residence

Humans have utilized rituals to harness intense emotions since the dawn of civilization. Leaving a cherished home after such a long time might bring up emotions of bereavement and loss. Consider doing a ceremonial farewell to help with the adjustment. You might assemble your relatives and discuss great recollections from your previous residence. You may recite a goodbye poem while lighting a candle.

2. Visualize the Completion of the Move

Visualization is a strong confidence-building technique utilized by athletes, artists, and businesspeople. It may also assist you in remaining calm throughout a difficult relocation. When you’re worried, take a few minutes to picture how much better you’ll feel after the move is over. Think about sitting down to a meal with your family or enjoying a holiday with them.

3. Snacks May Make You Feel Better

There is a lot of debate about how food and stress interact, but one thing is clear: missing meals because you’re feeling uncomfortable may have a detrimental impact on your mood. If you’re already anxious, you may not want to eat. However, snacks can actually help you prevent this cycle, so make sure you have some on hand while you’re packing and moving. There is always time to eat even if you don’t have time for a full dinner at the table.

4. Inform Your Movers If You Are Experiencing Stress

Inquire about your mover’s services and talk with them honestly and frankly. If anything they’re doing (or not doing) is making you feel uneasy, it’s perfectly okay to express your concerns. In the event that things do not go according to plan, the trust and openness that has been established will be sufficient to alleviate your stress levels.

5. Employ the Services of a Professional Moving Company

Anxiety may be triggered by the perception that a task is overwhelming. If you’re moving to a new house, you’re probably already preoccupied with getting your affairs in order. You don’t need the added stress of packing your belongings, loading and unloading a huge truck, or navigating a large truck through congested traffic. Allow experienced movers to take care of this for you.


Remember that shifting your point of view regarding your upcoming move may help you feel less anxious about the situation. The act of preparing and planning may aid in the creation of a protective barrier against stress.

You have the potential to develop friendships and find a feeling of familiarity and enjoyment in your surroundings. And if you want help at any time throughout your move, please do not hesitate to call Division 1 Moving Services. Providing assistance and, quite literally, lifting a weight off your shoulders would be an honor for us.

Division 1 Moving Services is the trusted local movers in Alexandria VA. Our highly trained and experienced Northern Virginia movers will ensure that you have a seamless, hassle-free move. Whether you’re relocating across the country to a larger home or down the street to a smaller one, we’ve got your moving needs covered.

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